After updating my phone to the recent Android Lollipop 5.0.1, I have had WIFI issues. After testing multiple settings on my phone and multiple routers, I have found that turning off mobile data in the phones settings allows me to use my WIFI flawless. Kind of really annoying but I’m glad I have a working solution to cut down on my data usage through my phone carrier.

I can actually leave Mobile Data on, just turn off/uncheck the 4GLTE option and WIFI will still work.


The launch of Grand Theft Auto V didn’t go 100% smooth, some were left with the launcher crashing. A little work around that seems to work on PCs/Laptops with both integrated and video cards is to go into your computers ‘Device Manager’ > ‘Display adapters’ and disable the non-integrated one (Nvidia/AMD). Launch the game and then quickly re-enable the graphics card and it should work. It is a little annoying but at least we can still play with our best graphics card. I also saw that some were having issues due to their Antivirus apps. Try adding the game folder to the ‘Exclude list’ in your Antivirus app or just turn it off to see if it helps. Good luck to you all and see you in the game. 🙂