After updating my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 from Android 4.4.4 to the new 5.0.1 OTA, I ran into some performance issues.

After 5.0 update

I was able to fix performance issues after turning off my Note 4 by holding the power button and the telling the phone to turn off. Once completely off, hold down the Power button + Volume up + Home button. Once I was in the recovery screen, I used Volume Down to select ‘Wipe Cache Partition‘,then press Power button to proceed. After that completes, I selected ‘Reboot system now‘ and let the device reboot.

Here are my results after:
After Wipe Cache Partition

After wipe cache partition 2

So far I have seen better performance without having to do a factory restore and starting all over again. I haven’t come across anything wrong with doing this method, everything works as before if not better than before.

I ran one more test on battery after writing this post and I have gotten the best results yet since getting my Note 4 about a month ago.

My Best Benchmark Results

My Best Benchmark Results 2

My Best Benchmark Results 3